Our solutions
ECF Group is committed to offering you the professional solutions that are essential for your business, with the ultimate combination of quality, service and value for money. Our portfolio is the broadest in the market with almost 100,000 products, 10,000 of which are always in stock, catering to every price segment.
A broad and accessible range

ECF Group is committed to offering you the most extensive and accessible range of solutions possible. Our portfolio is the broadest in the market with almost 100,000 products, 10,000 of which are always in stock. This means that we can be extremely agile and respond to business demands within very short timeframes. We are committed to identifying trends and work closely with a network of specialists to offer products that align with your constantly evolving needs. Our teams are also available to analyse your requirements and meet specific demands, whether that means putting together a tailored offer or personalising products to reflect your brand.

Environmentally-friendly products

Naturally, our product specialists work closely with our partners every day to keep enhancing our range with more environmentally friendly solutions such as biodegradable products, sustainable products and detergent-free hygiene products.

Our private professional labels

Building on our experience of working with you – our customers in the Hospitality & Care professions – we have developed several proprietary brands which have become market benchmarks. They all aim to provide the best price-quality ratio without compromising on innovation, performance or efficiency.


Our commercial brands supply all kinds of tableware products to professionals in the Hospitality & Care sectors, including plates, glasses, cutlery, mixology supplies, serving dishes, napkins, tablecloths, café equipment, etc.
This includes tailored options for specific needs, such as products for the elderly, or for children. Our range is designed to meet every application.


Any chef will tell you that the right tool is one of the keys to a successful dish! Our range includes a wide variety of products to meet every requirement, from kitchen utensils, cutlery, consumables, cookware and trolleys, to appliances for cooking, preparation and heat retention. Our products are selected to fit the needs of every type of chef, from Michelin-starred to those working in professional canteens and ‘dark kitchens’.


Hospitality professionals cannot afford to leave anything up to chance, and cleanliness is vital for a successful customer experience. To comply with health standards, implement HACCP principles and hold persistent germs at bay, you need efficient solutions. Examples from our portfolio include virus-control products, hand sanitisers, disposable gloves, paper rolls, roll dispensers and cleaning products for floors and food contact surfaces.


Our portfolio includes a wide choice of products to help you furnish your indoor and outdoor spaces (dining rooms, terraces, reception rooms, tea rooms, etc.). Whatever the application or establishment (e.g. restaurant, hotel, retirement home, canteen), we can supply you with chairs, tables, stools, parasols, waste collectors, separation/protection screens, lamps, decorative items and more.

Takeaway supplies

Whether your business relies partially or solely on takeaway, click & collect or meal deliveries, our commercial brands have what you need. Explore our selections of food trays, disposable cutlery, boxes for hot and cold food (pasta, pizza, burgers, etc.), bags for French fries, returnable glass containers, insulated delivery bags and more. Our range of eco-friendly and recyclable products is growing every day!

Large appliances

Large appliances for your establishment are a considerable investment, and it’s important to choose wisely. Selecting the right professional oven, refrigerator, dishwasher or other washing-up equipment to stand up to intensive use is not easy. Our commercial brands’ advisers offer expertise and experience you can count on to help you decide.


Our commercial brands offer a comprehensive range for canteen, institutional restaurant, breakfast and reception buffets. Those offering cold buffets can invest in refrigerated sets, fruit stands and pastry stands to transport and display meals in style. For hot buffets, we offer essentials such as chafing dishes and hotplates to keep meals at the right temperature.


Professionals need comfortable and suitable work uniforms. From waiting and cooking aprons to kitchen caps and overshoes – as well as PPE (personal protective equipment) like safety shoes, disposable gloves and tunics – we can dress your staff from head to foot!