Ethics and vigilance
Ethical principles such as integrity and loyalty have always been central to ECF Group's strategy and value system.

Ethical principles such as integrity and loyalty have always been central to ECF Group’s strategy and value system. Our respect for these principles is formalised in a comprehensive anti-corruption system.

Anti-corruption mechanism :

A Code of Conduct
designed to remind all Group employees of the right or wrong course of action in specific potentially risky situations that they may face in the course of their daily work.

An Alert System 
allowing every employee and partner of the Group to report any situation that would contravene this code of conduct or any national or international regulations.

The report can be sent :

    • By e-mail, to :
    • By post, to : Comité Compliance ECF 1 et 3 rue René Clair 91350 Grigny France

A policy form 
outlining the specific criteria applied to ‘gifts and hospitality’ in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Vigilance System
  • Our suppliers commit themselves each year by signing our “supplier charter” => Stop slavery, forced or compulsory labour, and never again use such practices, in any form whatsoever
  • Do not employ, or make use of, children under the age of 14 for production, manufacturing or assembly tasks
  • Respect the freedom of workers to join unions and to be represented by the organizations of their choice
  • Pay workers sufficiently, so that they can meet their basic needs and those of dependent family members
  • Ensure proper working conditions for workers, especially regarding working hours, that ensure their health, safety and moral integrity
  • Respect equal opportunities in employment and pay by ensuring that no discrimination is done on the grounds of race, colour, gender, political affiliation, religious belief, or membership of a trade union or civil society body.
  • Protect environment, by ensuring that no hazardous products or substances are rejected into nature