The values that drive us
Our Group’s culture and business model are underpinned by three values: Professionalism, Performance and Proximity.

Together, they form a mindset that enables us to act collectively, united by the same vision and ambition.
It also enables our employees to embrace change and keep adapting as a Group to an ever more demanding market.


Deliver flawless service and profitable growth for our group, our subsidiaries and our customers.

We are ECF, the most comprehensive provider of products and services that enable professionals to perform their day-to-day tasks with efficiency and ease. We cover the full range of equipment and supply needs, from tableware, kitchenware and furniture to takeaway supplies, large appliances, buffet materials, textiles and hygiene products. We help our customers focus on what matters most by mobilising our resources each and every day in an ongoing quest to drive performance.


Be a trusted partner who brings together the very best specialists in each field and demonstrates unwavering commitment.


We are ECF, the international specialised distribution group, a benchmark partner for the Hospitality & Care sectors. We develop commercial brands and private labels for professionals across a number of industries, ranging from hospitality, catering, tourism and food to local authorities and the health and social care sectors. Customers are able to draw on our professionalism and expertise on a daily basis, facilitating their work.


Be attentive to customers’ needs and deliver unparalleled customer support, combining services with a multi-channel approach.

We are ECF, the group committed to nurturing the customer experience. Every day, customers can rely on our multi-channel solutions and our responsive supply chain, which has the ability to handle real-time requests seven days a week. Our teams across the globe work closely with our customers and are tuned into their needs, forming a structured and efficient network capable of forging strong customer ties.