Our expertise
Logistics & Supply Chain

Our profound expertise in logistics & supply chain management means that we can deliver within 48 hours to almost 80% of our customers worldwide. The backbone of our business, our supply chain network is structured around three regional hubs (Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific) with several major distribution centres around the world. From France, UAE, Morocco and Australia to Italy, UK and New Zealand, we stock more than 10,000 products, process one million orders and deliver 2,800 orders every day, with a 97% service rate.

Sourcing and procurement

At ECF, we believe in building strong partnerships with our suppliers.
We work daily with 400 suppliers – the best and most respected in their profession – to provide our commercial brands with the best products to meet your needs.
We have teams dedicated to sourcing and quality control in Hong Kong, Schenzen and Europe.
This allows us to offer the market’s broadest portfolio, consisting of 50,000 products, all selected according to criteria that ensure reliability of supply, compliance with regulatory standards, respect for the environment, capacity for innovation and of course quality (ISO 9001 certification) to keep ensuring the best fit for your requirements. The breadth of our range allows ECF Group’s subsidiaries to supply every profession in the Hospitality, Catering and Food sectors.

Advice and support

Since 1880, thanks to our extensive global sales network of in-field salespeople, phone advisers and in-store experts, we have been able to support you with every challenge: opening and renovation projects, new concepts, card renewals, and adaptations to align your establishment with the latest consumer trends… whatever the question, our specialists are ready to assist you.


Personalising your products is more than just a ‘nice-to-have’. It’s a powerful communication tool that differentiates you from your competitors. Our personalisation services are available for every client and for numerous products in our range: crockery, cutlery, glassware, tablecloths, trays, place mats, workwear, menus, signage, table napkins, single-use products, etc.
Simply select your products and the design you would like to us to apply, and we can provide products that are customised to reflect your brand and establishment.

Multi-channel experience

‘Multi-channel’ is not just a concept when you work with ECF and our commercial brands. The ability to offer smooth, efficient, user-friendly multi-channel experiences through each of our commercial brands is key to ensuring customer satisfaction. It means that we can be available 24/7 for any customer who wishes to contact us, with any question. We have a comprehensive multi-channel ecosystem consisting of:
* 20 websites including 10 e-commerce sites
* 400 sales advisers in the field and in-store
* 100 telephone sales advisers
* 80 showrooms and Cash & Carry stores
* E-mail, SMS and social media updates to keep you informed of the latest news