ECF Group’s Tourism brand, the partner for professionals in outdoor and leisure accommodation.

Cobal was founded as a distributor of small kitchen, hygiene and outdoor equipment and appliances for outdoor catering and holiday homes. Thanks to its price positioning, extensive range and quick delivery times, it has become the France’s leading brand for equipping rental accommodation. Today’s Cobal brand is also the product of a merger between Cobal and Lantin Sud Equipement, a respected player in the tourism sector.
Cobal’s expertise

Customers who need quick and efficient installation can rely on Cobal for a range that is tailored to their needs, fast response whenever they need it, quality products at an affordable price, a reliable supply and fast kit-based delivery. Building on the combined expertise of Cobal and Lantin, Cobal has developed a private label focusing on electric appliances (refrigerators, ovens, coffee machines, etc.).