Our CSR commitments

Within the ECF Group, a strong, shared sense of environmental and social responsibility is part of our daily work. This is reflected in three commitments to which we have adhered strictly for 15 years.

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This is concretely translated into 3 commitments that we have been defending for 15 years now.

Our CSR approach

Our Sustainable Development efforts were formalised in 2004 when we signed the United Nations “Global Compact” charter. Our commitment to the environment, people, solidarity and diversity is reflected in everything we do. These principles, which shape the ECF Group culture, are firmly grounded in a bedrock of enduring values that are shared by all our employees and partners.

Our 3 commitments
Minimise our environmental footprint and promote environmental protection
Market environmentally responsible solutions
Build respectful, inclusive and fair working relationships
Minimise our environmental footprint and promote environmental protection

Better control of our impact 
on the environment.

To minimize the impact of our activities, we are continually seeking to implement best practices and to favor solutions that have a small environmental footprint or allow us to reduce it, whether in terms of our waste, energy or fuel consumption. In addition, the Group is committed to reducing its climate change footprint within its operational perimeter and across its value chain.

Promoting greater social and environmental responsibility.

Training, involving, enhancing: the company makes its employees aware of the issues shaping today's world and provides them with an experience that is all the more powerful because it is shared, supportive and forward-looking.

Our goal
  • Minimise the impact of our activities on the environment,
  • Make our employees aware of environmental and social issues
  • Measure, monitor and reduce our impact on climate change and determine our trajectory to 2030 and 2050 to contribute to the Paris agreements
  • Increase our positive social and solidarity externalities
To propose eco-responsible offers for a sustainable partnership with its stakeholders
Supporting clients in their environmental transition is a commitment shared by all the group's subsidiaries. We are also committed to developing solid, constructive and lasting relationships with all our stakeholders.

A more environmentally friendly product offering. 

The group is committed to matching the needs of its customers with the search for more ecological alternatives, sustainable products or products with a reduced impact on the environment.

Thus ECF Group sources and selects products with the most rigorous labels, such as FSC, PEFC, Ok Compost and European Ecolabel, or with less impact on the environment and respectful of human health.

Sustainable relationships with our partners. 

We are committed to developing solid and lasting relationships with all our stakeholders, whether they be our suppliers, our service providers, our customers or the associations we support. ECF Group has been involving its suppliers in its Sustainable Development policy for 15 years through a supplier charter whose pillars are respect for human rights, working conditions and the environment.

Our goal
  • To offer more ecological and responsible solutions that are efficient and reliable, guaranteeing both respect for the environment and satisfaction for our customers.
  • Build balanced relationships with our stakeholders based on shared values to promote a sustainable growth model
  • Conduct a responsible purchasing policy with our suppliers
Developing inclusive, equitable and respectful social relations
Fair and respectful social relations.

ECF Group is concerned with the professional and personal development of its employees by deploying social practices to ensure well-being at work, the development of skills, health and safety at work.

We are committed to the fight against discrimination and to diversity, and we ensure equal opportunities from the moment of hiring. Respecting, transmitting and supporting are the pillars of the ECF Group's social responsibility.

Our goal
  • Bringing together quality of life at work, diversity and performance
  • Develop our employer brand and the Group's human capital through training and awareness
  • Ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers in our shops